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Join THE LIONS DEN and get daily programming via the Wodify app that can be performed at your home; in a traditional gym; or at your local box. You will also be able to view and print (if you choose) our entire library of training programs!

Access To ALL Of Our Training Programs
Looking to gain access to our library? Whether it's our "100+ Metcon Workouts" or you want to give our "Breathing Fire Vol. 1" a try? The list goes on and you gain access to our entire library!
Daily Workouts For Any Situation
Our daily workouts can be done anywhere! With several different programs to choose from, you'll be ready for any situation. Our programs include:
  •  AMRAP Plus One Program - Random daily workout from our massive library of workouts. 
  •  Bodyweight Program - Get the most done with the least amount of equipment. Daily bodyweight programs that won't disappoint!
  •  All Dumbbells All The Time - Functional Fitness with dumbbells! Grab a set of dumbbells and get to work with this daily program. 
  •  Functional Fitness Program - Love functional fitness style workouts? Crush these metcon style WOD's daily! 
  •  Warm Up Program - Tired of finding new warm ups? Original Daily Warm Ups to save your time from thinking of what to do to warm up! 
  •  Nutrition Program - Coming SOON! 
  •  Daily Core Workout Program - Coming SOON! 
Sample of 'AMRAP Plus One' Program
Sample of 'Bodyweight Program'
Sample of 'All Dumbbell All The Time' Program
Sample of 'Functional Fitness' Program
Sample of 'Traditional' Program
Sample of 'Warm Up' Program
Lions Den and Wodify
The Lions Den has combined with the Wodify App to make viewing workouts easy from your smart phone! 

Share your results as well as see others results within the Lions Den community. Like and comment on workouts to start the conversation and become part of a growing community of fitness fanatics. 
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